How to watch Copa America Live Stream 2021, Schedule, Venue & Time

How To Watch Copa America Live Stream 2021 Schedule

How to watch Copa America Live Stream 2021, Schedule, Venue & Time

Watch Copa America Live


Copa America is one of the most famous South American men’s soccer championships in the world. Every year it organized the South America Football Association, also known as CONMEBOL. This annual football event has not only attracted the attention of millions of fans in participating countries, but also been acclaimed by tens of millions of fans worldwide.

The  Copa America 2021  will be the 47th version of the most popular football event. Although, it has been an annual event since its inception over ten years ago. Recently CONMEBOL declared plans to make Copa America a four-year event after the 2021 America’s Cup. Therefore, the next Copa America will be held in 2024, four years later.

The 2021 Copa America will start on 13th June 2021, and the final will take place on 10 July 2021. This season, defending champions Brazil host the whole tournament once again as they hosted the tournament in 2019. Initially, the tournament was scheduled to be held from 12 June to 12 July 2020 in Argentina and Colombia. CONMEBOL  announced on 17 March 2020 that due to the pandemic the tournament was postponed for one year. UEFA organization also decided to postpone the UEFA Euro 2020 to 2021.

COPA America 2021 Live Streaming 

Date: 13 June- 10 July 2021
Location: Brazil
Teams:  10 (from 1 confederation)

Five stadiums in four Brazilian cities will be hosted. The Maracana and Nelson Santos Stadiums in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic Stadium in Goiânia, the Pantanal Arena in Cuiaba, and the Mane Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia.

COPA America Teams

The 2021 Copa Americas teams divided into two groups which are listed below:

Group A: Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina
Group B: Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil


2021 Copa America group stage schedule

Match 1: Brazil vs Venezuela, Group B at Brasilia on June 14 (10:00 pm BST)
Match 2: Colombia vs Ecuador, Group B at Cuiaba on June 14 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 3: Argentina vs Chile (Group A) at Rio de Janeiro on June 15 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 4: Paraguay vs Bolivia (Group A) at Goiania on June 15 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 5: Colombia vs Venezuela (Group B) at Goiania on June 18 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 6: Brazil vs Peru (Group B) at Rio de Janeiro on June 18 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 7: Chile vs Bolivia (Group A) at Cuiaba on June 19 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 8: Argentina vs Uruguay (Group A) Brasilia on June 19 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 9: Venezuela vs Ecuador (Group B) at Rio de Janeiro on June 21 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 10: Colombia vs Peru (Group B) at Goiania on June 21 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 11: Uruguay vs Chile (Group A) at Cuiaba on June 22 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 12: Argentina vs Paraguay (Group A) at Brasilia on June 22 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 13: Ecuador vs Peru (Group B) at Goiania on June 24 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 14: Brazil vs Colombia (Group B) at Rio de Janeiro on June 24 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 15: Bolivia vs Uruguay (Group A) at Cuiaba on June 25 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 16: Chile vs Paraguay (Group A) at Brasilia on June 25 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 17: Ecuador vs Brazil (Group B) at Goiania on June 28 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 18: Venezuela vs Peru (Group B) at Brasilia on June 28 (10:00 PM BST)
Match 19: Uruguay vs Paraguay (Group A) at Rio de Janeiro on June 29 (01:00 AM BST)
Match 20: Bolivia vs Argentina (Group A) at Cuiaba on June 29 (01:00 AM BST)

2021 Copa America knockout stage schedule

July 3: No. 2 Group A vs. No. 3 Group B – 10:00 PM BST
June 4: No. 1 Group A vs. No. 4 Group B – 01:00 AM BST
July 5: No. 2 Group B vs. No. 3 Group A – 11:00 PM BST
July 5: No. 1 Group B vs. No. 4 Group A – 02:00 AM BST

July 7, QF 1 Winner vs QF 2 winner – 00:00 AM BST
July 8, QF 3 Winner vs QF 4 winner – 02:00 AM BST

Third-place match
July 11: Semi-final 1 loser vs Semi-final 2 loser – 01:00 AM BST

July 11: SF 1 Winner vs SF 2 Winner – 01:00 AM BST


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