Kaliningrad Hosting Fifa World Cup 2018

Kaliningrad Hosting FIFA World Cup 2018

Kaliningrad Hosting Fifa World Cup 2018

Kaliningrad is among the cities chosen to showcase the FIFA Russian world cup 2018 talent. Knights of the Teutonic order established it in the 13th century previously known as Königsberg, the capital of East Prussia. During world war 2 its was vigorously harmed and its populace fled or was forced to leave the country when it turned into a Russian city. As per the 2010 Census, Kaliningrad is home to more than 431,902 populace.It is an essential Russian Baltic seaport and passage to Europe.
All through its impressive history, this old European city was home to a horde of craftsmen and masterminds including the thinker Immanuel Kant, a deep-rooted occupant who educated at the nearby college; the notable author Richard Wagner and the sentimental novelist E.T.A. Hoffmann.  
Königsberg Cathedralrebuilded in the 14th century is the pride of  Kaliningrad.This cathedral prayer is an image of harmony and reunion cause of its two churches, Orthodox and Protestant situated alongside each other.
This district is the main source of amber in all of Europe thus making it famous for traditional antiquity. Amber industry is an important business in the city and pulls in a great many guests consistently. The Kaliningrad area is honored with flawless shorelines and pine sand rises. UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 incorporated  the lovely nature hold of Kurshskaya Spit
Kaliningrad Stadium was built for Russia 2018 on Oktyabrsky Island, right in the heart of Kaliningrad. The selection of Kaliningrad as a host city has prompted the local authorities to develop the island, which for many centuries has been a wilderness, left largely untouched. After the 2018 World Cup, a new residential development will be built around the stadium, with parks, quays, and embankment alongside the Pergola river.

Stadium for FIFA World cup 2018

Kaliningrad Stadium specially builds for FIFA Russian world cup 2018 on Oktyabrsky Island, right in the core of Kaliningrad.The reason to make Kaliningrad as the host city was to promote the government to build up the island which has been a wild for a really long time and there has been no development. The authorities have planned to make new residential projects around the stadium which will include recreational areas, docks and ridge nearby Pregola waterway. FC Baltika Kaliningrad will play its home games at the stadium after the world cup 2018.

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